About Us

We are Emplace College

MPlace International Schools was borne with the elementary section named Mummy's Place

International Nur/Pry School on 1st of August, 2001, and the secondary named Emplace College was

established on the 3rd of September, 2012, out of the vision to share the love of Christ with children and

use love in conjunction with our pedagogical expertise to bring out the best in the children academically,

mentally, psychologically and spiritually. We design our programs to build leaders who will effect

positive social change.

MPlace offer a challenging, high quality educational program to students from babies to secondary levels,

within a diverse, multicultural community. welcomes students from many backgrounds and Nationalities

and prepares them for successful transitions to International higher grade schools and universities. We

have educational relationships with some schools in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Presently our programs include opportunities for pupils with mild to moderate learning differences.

This school is a student-centered environment characterized by warm, supportive relationships between

management, students, parents and teachers. We offer a variety of programs which foster responsible

student contributions to an increasingly complex world. The leadership trait in every child is nurtured to



Our mission is to create an enabling student-centered class environment where all students feel

comfortable and safe enough to have freedom of expression, supported and bold enough for critical

inquiry and confidently strong enough to strive for excellence in all endeavors, so that they can become

useful citizens in a 21 st century society. Through care, we inculcate in them the value of self-esteem as

well as respect for others so that they can be dignified people who appreciate and tolerate individual



Our facilities which are ICT based, are fashioned in the realization that the open society, the unrestricted

access to knowledge, the unplanned and uninhibited association of men for technology furtherance; are

what may make a vast, complex, ever growing, ever changing, ever more specialized technological world.

Today’s students have grown up in a digital age and technology is part of their daily lives. Therefore in

MPlace, we believe that we should keep up with the fast-paced change of today’s technology. In this

regard, our students are exposed to technology from an early age, so we run the blended educational

system as we integrate technology in the classrooms and run online schooling for instructional purposes.

We believe that children need a lot of practical experiences in order to be able to comprehend what they

are being taught. In view of this we have provided a variety of practical rooms for our students.


At the MPlace Int’l Schools, we believe:

1. fundamentally, that God is our source of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, as we look unto

Him for divine ideas and creativity.

2. that these schools are a community in which all of us, teachers, students, parents, and staff, are

teachers and learners.

3. that the best education is achieved in a caring, student-centered environment.

4. in providing for the realization of each student.

5. in nurturing students in critical inquiry, creative expression, ethical behavior, and cooperative social


6. that the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills, striving for excellence in all endeavors

and maintaining a sense of respect for self and others are essential components of Mummy's Place


7. in the development of a sense of responsibility and respect for our environment.

8. in the values of tolerance, appreciation, and respect for human differences among all of us in the

MPlace Community.

MPlace Schools have been honored with both national and international awards and belong to a number

of national and International Associations and Organizations, some of them are:

1. Member, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), Arlington, United States

of America

2. Member, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

3. Member, International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL),

Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom

4. Member International Reading Association (IRA) in Newark, United States of America

5. International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation

6. Member National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Washington



The Elementary School is situated on a two acres expanse of land on Oba Ile Rd, Adjacent Owena Mass

Transit, Akure, Ondo State; Nigeria; while the permanent site for the secondary school is a five hectare

expanse of land in Alagbaka, a high brow area of the city, behind the Elementary School site.