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PTA Registration

Using this portal, Parent/Guardian can discuss a range of issues relating to their children and the school, such as Code of Conduct, Policies, Reports etc.
To access this portal, you need to Register(in the form below) as a user (using your child's Registration Number). After successful registration, you will log into the Discussion Room using your Email and password in the form located to your right.

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MPlace International Schools was borne with the elementary section named Mummy\'s Place International Nur/Pry School on 1st of August, 2001, and the secondary named Emplace College was established on the 3rd of September, 2012, out of the vision to share the love of Christ with children and use love in conjunction with our pedagogical expertise to bring out the best in the children academically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. We design our programs to build leaders who will effect positive social change.  

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