About Us

We are Mummy's Place Intl School


It is with much pleasure that I introduce to you, Mummy’s Place International School where our children are at the heart of all we do. One of the things that make us special is that the purpose for which the school was established over 18 years ago remains what drives us today. Our drive and ambition over the years have not diminished if anything it has increased with time. One of our founding creeds which we continually live by is that we do not run a business and hence not for profit, which is why every fund realised is invested back into the progress of our students.
We are not ignorant of the developments in our society today which is why it is our main aim to raise God-fearing, disciplined children with a strong passion for humanity and making a difference in society.
Excellence is a driving force in this institution and our insatiable appetite for excellence continues to rub off both staff and students as we are constantly breaking our records and setting new ones. We believe in a synergetic approach to education where there is a partnership between parents and teachers, with the school environment being where our work as teachers and tutors begin and it continues with the parents at home. For many years we have been called a “home away from home” for our students and we stay true to this as we provide a student-centered environment characterized by warm supportive relationships between the management, students, parents as well as the teachers. We offer a variety of programs that foster responsible student contributions to an increasingly complex world.
We have a highly effective team firmly focused on delivering exceptional education and passing knowledge on to the students and at the same time helping them create new knowledge. In our bid to raise the standard and maintain it, we run a dynamic and progressive curriculum with room for continuous improvement and development. Join us as we groom the future of our beloved nation and the world at large.