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About Mummy's Place Intl School


It is with much pleasure that I introduce to you, Mummy’s Place International School where our children are at the heart of all we do. One of the things that make us special is that the purpose for which the school was established over 18 years ago remains what drives us today. Our drive and ambition over the years have not diminished if anything it has increased with time. One of our founding creeds which we continually live by is that we do not run a business and hence not for profit, which is why ev...

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Our Facilities

State Of The Art Learning

Our classrooms have suitable large spaces with hands-on resources giving students the opportunity to construct their own learning experience. Also, as an institution that is fully technology-dr...

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Computer Room

The school has a fully equipped computer room with internet facilities to further aid knowledge creation

Essential resources

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Art & Craft

We actively involve the children in artistic drawings and paintings as well as handicraft activities, encouraging them to be creative and do things with their hands.

Music Room

Music is a big part of what we do in Mummy’s Place, encouraging every child to play at least one musical instrument, such that every student is skilled at one instrument upon graduation.

Play Ground

We consider leisure and recreation time an integral part of a child’s growth process and we give them enough time to unwind and have a good time..

Equipped Laboratory

We realize that with children this age, visualizing their learning and practicalizing it as well goes a long way to helping them understand the subject topic. The children engage in practical classes t...

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Our mission is to create an enabling student-centered class environment where all students feel comfortable and safe enough to have freedom of expressi

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Vision Statement

We are focused in ensuring that every child attains his full potential and occupies a leadership position in the society through our meticulously plann

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Educating to Effect Societal Change

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Mummy’s Place Nursery & Primary School, where the children are at the heart of all that we do.

We at Mummy’s Place believe that primary education is the most important phase of a child’s educational journey, as this is where the foundation for the rest of their academic journey is laid. It is therefore imperative that the experience of the children at this crucial phase be solid, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Over the

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